LV Courtage: Artisan Broker

At LV Courtage, each client is treated uniquely. Through our numerous partners we are able to propose a variety of solutions that can be adapted to each customer.
Our goal is to allow you to access the property with confidence, all the while ensuring your interests.

I started my career as a bank branch manager before becoming a loan broker.
With multiple years of experience in banking intermediation under my belt and a solid knowledge of industry practices, I decided to launch my own loan brokerage firm.
Having a strong desire to deliver a quality service to my customers by saving them time and money, I decided to join the group of independents “J’aime mon courtier” which ensures, through the delivery of their trustmark, full compliance with the regulations and laws governing the sector.
By trusting us, you are ensuring yourself customized support throughout your projects.
We provide you with the availability, responsiveness and support you need to finance your real estate projects with confidence.


Karim has actively participated in the creation of LV Courtage.
As a true support of the company, he will be your first contact for putting together your application file.

With nearly 10 years of banking experience, François is a privileged account manager that will accompany you throughout your financing project.

After nearly 20 years of banking in different networks and 2 years at a broker dealer Cyril Villers joined the LV Courtage team in January 2019 with the role of sales manager for the BtoC part of the activity.

After 15 years spent in major banking groups and two years as CFO of a medium-sized construction company, he joined the LV Courtage team in 2019 to develop the Professional & Company activity. He is the manager of the BtoB market. He will accompany you in the assembly of your projects, the financing of your treasury and your investments.

With many years of experience in the field of insurance (nearly 20 years!) Houssine joined LV Courtage in September 2019 to join the ranks and bring us all his support on the topics he masters.

The office

By trusting us, you are ensuring yourself customized support throughout your projects.

LV Brokerage is a brand of LV CONSEILS

LV CONSEILS SARL with a capital of 6000 euros, registered with the RCS Toulouse under the number 808 661 5163